Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jobbed at last!

Many apologies for keeping such a secret. I had every intention of telling all the people who care about us as soon as we got any bit of good job news. But then, the unemployment just wore on and on. It wore us both down, so when there was finally good news we kept waiting for a grand prank or joke to be revealed. "Ha, you don't actually have a job, sucker! Gotcha!"
So, this job is both good news and bad news. The bad news, because you should always start with bad news, is that it's an internship. Yes, a paid internship! And the depressing part for me is that he'll be making significantly more just as an intern than I did at my previous job. On the one hand, yay! We'll be rolling in dough! For us, at least.
On the other hand, holy crap, I was paid so little. I mean, different industries, and not really comparable, really puts into perspective how little money I was making. Oh well. I was working my last job for love, not money. (I still miss you guys.)
So, an internship. HusbandX has dubbed it "rent-to-buy". At the end of his three months, if they don't hate him (which I'm confident they won't), they'll offer him a permanent position with a significant pay increase.
The best part of this all? This was exactly the position HusbandX was hoping to get into. Usually companies do internal hires for this sort of position, at least so far as we've heard, with people working other jobs for years before being moved into this particular one. Since security testing is all this company does (or this branch of the company?), he can go right into a testing position. It's wonderful, and so worth the three months of low-ish pay for the industry.
Even now, four days into the job, I would still only classify myself as cautiously optimistic about his job prospects. I'm still waiting for the prank, but that fear is easing up. I don't think I'll be completely comfortable until a permanent position is offered, but this is much nicer. He came home the other day and quietly, happily, told me, "I mad us $XXX today!" I said, "Yay! I made at least $X off my writing today!" And then we high-fived, because that's how we roll.